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Thread: Organs in Howick, New Zealand

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    Organs in Howick, New Zealand

    So today I decided to go up to the local Anglican Churches (both on the same grounds, the old 1847 church is not used often, but is used every two weeks by a Taiwanese (I think) congregation)

    Anyway, the pictures!

    Old Church (Selwyn Church) (2 Manual + Pedal, 6 Speaking Stops, 30 note Pedalboard; Croft Organ)

    New Church (All Saints) (2 man + Ped, 13 Speaking Stops, 32 note Pedalboard; Aplin Organ)

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    Great pictures.... the old and the new... Be great to hear the organs. Thanks
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    Lovely photos, I especially like the old church.


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    What beautiful photos - thank you so much for sharing. Are you able to provide sounds bytes of either instrument?

    Just love the window photo in the new church, so beautiful.
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    Thank you for commenting!
    I have no recordings of either organ at this point, but I may be able to record something as the year goes on. Stay tuned! (pun fully intended)

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    That's a sweet little organ at the old church. I imagine it's quite unusual for such a small instrument to have a tremulant.

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    Not wishing to go off topic excuse me if I add a few pics.
    When I lived in the UK my local Church had a bellows operated Organ which was always worked by a choir boy and was a deterrent for any wayward choir boy. I recently tried to get some info and pics of the Organ but they had ditched it years ago and installed a new one, what a great shame, but I can show you the Church.
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    Beautiful little church. Terrible shame about the organ, though!

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