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Thread: Hello from Malta - looking for a service manual :)

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    Hello from Malta - looking for a service manual :)

    I am the organist of the Attard Parish Church in Malta. We have a Ahlborn Hymnus organ which must be about at least 10-15 years old.
    The technical/service manual has been lost and no one will service this for us without it. The organ has two manuals and a full pedal. Searches for Hymnus Ahlborn are giving me results of a simple keyboard, so def not the model we have. Can anyone suggest anywhere where i could find this manual?

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    Hi Kathyza

    Welcome to Magle International Music Forums.
    I have moved your 2nd posting on this into the Electronic/Digital Organ forum area as it will receive more views and thus a greater chance of an answer there.

    In the meantime, while you are waiting for a reply, have a look around this friendly forum and join in any of our great discussions.
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    Perhaps if you specified the model it would be easier to help? Have you emailed the company? Link:

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