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Thread: Film - Nine - Be Italian Track

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    Film - Nine - Be Italian Track

    Hi everyone! can anyone help me locate the musical score to 'Be Italian' from the film 'Nine' - I'm looking for the 'tambourine' notation to teach to my pupils - thanks all x

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    Hi Rosey,

    Welcome to the forum, btw

    As is the usual case for lots of film music, not every composition that is used/heard in a film ever makes it to a soundtrack recording (CD), much less being engraved (scored) for publication. The reasons can be many, but the most common have to do with honoring copyright laws, and/or paying royalty fees to performers for the use of their talents. Another reason would be the fact that this movie was just released in late December 2009, and will be protected by copyright laws well into the next century.

    You might try getting hold of Andrea Guerra or Weinstein Company, who distributed the film.

    As per IMDB, the original music was done by Andrea Guerra (Italy)
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