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Thread: Scores coming close to this?

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    Scores coming close to this?

    I'm a huge fan of bombastic, triumphant and fanfare-like music with a heroic/fantasy feel played like in these clips. And - not joking - I love it when it is clearly audible that it's played on synthezisers.
    So, it would be very kind if you could take some short time to take a listen to the clips and tell me for which soundtracks I could look out for a similar sound.

    It doesn't neccessarily have to be played on synth (though I would prefer it) but can also be "fully orchestrated" as long as it is theme-like and quite memeorable (so, no background music).

    But I'm sure there will also be more synth-ladden ones. I just don't know them

    I guess this kind of music could possibly be found in 80s and 90s soundtracks from rather trashy fantasy or action movies but apart from a few I just don't know any titles.

    Soundtracks I already know, slightly come close to the "feel" I'm looking for and love are: Conan (obvious ), Air Force One, Kull, DragonHeart, Lair (a PS3 game), Deathstalker II, The Seven maginficient Gladiators, Red Sonja, Revenge of the Ninja, Commando, Delta Force and more or less most stuff by John Williams, Joel & Jerry Goldsmith

    So, do the clips posted raise a though in you?

    Thank you very much in adavnace,

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    The synthish instruments reminds me of the soundtrack of WarCraft II Good stuff
    Frederik Sjölund - Swedish 3D Artist AND Soundtrack addict

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    I am also new here looking for new music.
    I just puchased Pirates of the Carribean and that fits what you asked for minus the synthesizer part. It is bold, triumphant, and most would feel it is over-the-top, but I absolutely LOVE it.

    Other tracks that quickly come to mind are "The Fellowship of the Ring - especially A knife in the Dark", Elk Hunt, and Fort Battle from The Last of the Mohicans, "Sinbad" the animated movie from Dreamworks composed by Gregson-Williams.

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    Vangelis' soundtrack to "1492 - Conquest of Paradise" has some great tracks, like this one.

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