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Thread: Nice to hear an unknown composer (apologies to Mat)

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    Nice to hear an unknown composer (apologies to Mat)

    I'm sure our esteemed friend Mat will know of this composer, but he was a revelation to me. Just been listening to his violin concerto. Need to hear more of his music, now!

    Karłowicz Violin Concerto in A, Op 8 - Konstanty Kulka, v; Warsaw National Phil Orch/Witold Rowicki
    Olympia OCD 304 29'09
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    Ah, good old Karłowicz. His violin concerto is a beauty, that's for sure.

    You might also try listening to his symphonic poems, for example Stanisław i Maria Oświecimowie and Odwieczne Pieśni.

    Quote Originally Posted by Contratrombone64 View Post
    Karłowicz Violin Concerto in A, Op 8 - Konstanty Kulka, v; Warsaw National Phil Orch/Witold Rowicki
    Olympia OCD 304 29'09
    Good rendition choice. These are top-shelf Polish musicians.
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    Yes!!! Another wonderful discovery - Its what makes MIMF the superfantabulous place it is...
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    A composer I don't know, but I will investigate his music.


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