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Thread: Neon Grey - Canadian Prog Rock Band, Free Album

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    Neon Grey - Canadian Prog Rock Band, Free Album

    My band, Neon Grey, recently released a self-recorded full length album named "Say Hello" on the internet for free. The album takes influence from Porcupine Tree, Tool, Muse, Dream Theater, Pure Reason Revolution and Demains as well as some non-prog bands like NIN and And So I Watch You From Afar.

    You can download it completely free right here: http://www.**************/?guzmiummtjz or from

    If you only have time for a few tracks I'd recommend "Filter", "Train Tracks" and "Ovaries (Elevator Music)".

    Have a listen, let us know what you think on our facebook page or right here. We'd love to answer any questions.


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    RonenA! Hey, it's nice to address another Canadian and it's nice to see you'd love to answer any questions,
    'cause this is all about the font.

    I can't even begin to listen to some tunage. You're typing you're a Canadian band named Neon Grey.
    I can get into that right away.
    A furthering of the juxtaposition of contrasting words, like Led Zeppelin, Iron Butterfly, Stone Temple Pilots,
    seeing the colours of neon signs as bright and illuminated and associated with night life,
    with the pale sameness of grey beside it. But wait! That's not Canadian.
    The mix of black and white is called gray. In Britian, grey can be a descriptive, usually in the naming of species,
    like the Lesser Admiral Grey Titmouse. But in Canada gray is gray.

    Your music title, "Say Hello", is not only totally non-Canadian, it's illegal in some provinces.
    Where's your bilingual "Dit Bonjour"? Except for Quebec, you can put the English on top, if you want,
    but where is it, my fellow francophonies?

    wow... such blatant and traitorous semi-errors of language, bi-lingualed behind a say hello.
    actually, that's very Canadian.
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    John, you really do say a lot without saying much. Can we just have an idea if you like this music or not? How about "I like this music" or "I don't like this.. "

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