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Thread: Need help finding a song!

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    Need help finding a song!

    I hope someone knows what I'm looking for! It's from the movie "The Sweetest Thing". In the background, they play a club song after Cameron Diaz buys "Peter" a drink. The only lyrics I can make out is "Send me all your lovin, send me all your cares, it's the touch i'm missin' when you're not there". I can't even google the lyrics! I get nothing! I can email the link on Youtube so you can see/hear the clip. Can anyone help?

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    Hi ... and welcome aboard to this forum

    Here's the soundtrack listing for this movie from the IMDB site.

    If the song you are seeking isn't on the soundtrack list, chances are it was never recorded/published, or it is protected by copyright laws.
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    Hello, welcome to this great place.

    Sorry I can't help you, but do have a look round and feel free to join in.


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