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Thread: Jazz 3 piece

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    Jazz 3 piece

    Hi I've started listening to a band called The Bad Plus, very rock influenced jazz three piece. I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions of similar bands. Other three pieces who are worth a mention are The Neil Cowley Trio and (em). Cheers

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    I'm fairly new here myself, but I can pass this on.
    You need a music sample, video or link, if you want interested participation.
    I invested in a camera and scanner (and that's all it does) to bump up my output.
    That's to help build a new domain too,
    Are you a keyboardist? Are you a retro musician, into Emerson, Lake and Palmer?
    They were more classical influenced rock, but who knows what Emerson is doing now?
    I heard McCoy Tyner bought a synthesizer and an album of Electric Ladyland.

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