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Thread: Vale Sir Charles

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    Vale Sir Charles

    I read with much sadness that the wonderful Sir Charles Mackerras died quite recently.

    A conductor for whom I hold the highest of esteem really. Love his insight into music and loved working under his baton in the early 1980s when I played viola with the ABC Sinfonia (a now disbanded orchestra). I still remember the program: Brahm's 4th Symphony and Dvorak's New World Symphony. He was the most wonderful man. I had the pleasure of seeing him conduct the Sydney Symphony a couple of times and remember when he was their Chief Conductor, also in the early 1980s, he did a single concert where he presented the six symphonic poems that make up Ma Vlast (My Fatherland) of Bedrich Smetana, such an amazing experience.

    Vale Sir Charles
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    Oh Good Lord - Thanx for the news CT64 - I very much enjoyed his musicianship. Another great one has fallen asleep...

    Вечная Память!!!(Eternal Memory).
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    That is sad news indeed, the heavenly choir is lucky to have him. May he rest in peace.


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