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Thread: Can anyone tell me what the name of this piece of Music is?

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    Exclamation Can anyone tell me what the name of this piece of Music is?

    The music is part of a commercial, it is very catchy and I would like to know what it is, to maybe use for a personal project. The link fir the commercial is

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    Hello hollett5 and welcome to the forum. I am afraid it is not something I have ever heard before.


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    Welcome to the forum, hollett5

    In most every case, music used for commercials is specifically created just for that type of media. It may sound like something familiar, but is probably not 'exactly' the same as what we may think it is ... because of copyright laws and having to pay performers royalties if pre-recorded music, music used in commercials like this are not on a soundtrack anywhere.

    Your best bet is to contact the originator of the commercial, but even they may not know as the music was most likely farmed out to a company that just creates new music for such instances.
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