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Thread: Orchestral Version of Moby's "Natural Blues"

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    Orchestral Version of Moby\'s \"Natural Blues\"

    Don't know how it started... I guess, I decided to remix this famous song (moby's songs are not very hard to remix), but came up with a completely new arrangement. This orchestral version features 6 violins, 3 violas, 2 cellos & double bass. Plus, some orchestral pads. I hope you'll like it!

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    Re: Orchestral Version of Moby\'s \"Natural Blues\"

    Not bad at all!
    I really like it. Being a fan of Moby aswell, heh.
    Very relaxing and soothing. Gonna be playing this one in my headphones now for a while here at work

    Maybe you could perhaps tone down the tremolo in the intro and then have it fade in to the main velocity you where using.
    But thats just my opinon. Nice work! Keep at it!

    Btw. If you get time maybe you could check out my thread

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