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    Unhappy Content protected

    Hi soundtrack folks!
    I'm facing this problem at the moment: I've bought this soundtrack from The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe years ago. I wanted to rip it and put the music on my mp3-player but the content is protected and I am unable to do so. I respect whoever puts his energy in a soundtrack enormously so I always buy soundtracks legally. So I think it's very sad it does not work. I'm not planning on buying the soundtrack for a second time. The fact that they irritate lovers of soundtracks who have legally purchased the soundtrack with this kind of rediculous content protection, it kind of makes me angry... So I was hoping someone had a legal solution for me. If not, the company is forcing me to download a soundtrack illegally for the first time in my life. Serves them right... bothering honest people like that!

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    Yeh, Torrents would be the way to go

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    The other alternative is play it, and record through microphones. Two would still give you stereo and I have had some success with this method.


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    Or play it and record it with a music editing software like Audacity, without having to use any additional microphones whatsoever. I have the software and it works like a charm.

    Good luck, Morgan.

    P.S. Collin, I see that you're a keen torrents user ;-)
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