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Thread: The Composer The Poet and The Script

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    The Composer The Poet and The Script


    Poets, as few others, must live close to the world that primitive men are in: the world, in its nakedness-birth, love, death, the sheer fact of being alive. -Under Discussion: On the Poetry of Galway Kennell, The Wages of Dying, editor, Howard Nelson, University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, 1987, p. 170.

    There’s a beauty and form here,
    an order, harmony and direction,
    as if a great conductor begeming,
    brightening the notes to a pace,
    a precision, an incision, a sweetness,
    a lushness, arranging a dance like
    the infinitude of immensity with the stars
    as they shine from their vast emperean.

    As Toscanini was bringing his wondrous
    virtuosity and grand music to the masses
    in 1937,1 another music was crossing the
    world, bringing heavenly outpourings and
    radiant effulgences to the hearts, resuscitating,
    making flowers of divine mysteries grow
    luxuriantly and illuminating the world.

    As Fritz Reiner, the great stick technician,
    was enthralling the lovers of music in Chicago
    in 1953,2 the Kingdom of God on Earth
    was making its entry and I was learning
    to become a heavenly farmer, to scatter
    pure seeds and to conduct my own life
    with the aid of a great musical Score
    written by that wondrous Composer.

    1In 1937 the international teaching plan was launched and classical music was brought to the mass of citizens over radio on a regular basis in the USA.
    2In 1953 Fritz Reiner took over the Chicago symphony orchestra. The temple in Chicago was completed that year and, the Guardian informed us, the Kingdom of God on Earth began.

    Ron Price
    3 November 1996

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    Re: The Composer The Poet and The Script

    More on the composer, the script and the poet...


    The web of our life is of a mingled gain, good and ill together.
    -William Shakespeare, All’s Well That Ends Well.

    As this(1) Order was being born
    generations of artists had to toe
    a line, some neo-orthodoxy that
    kept millions under artistic lock
    and key and other millions in death
    lock. But even in those darkest hours,
    when this new Order was taking on its
    first shaping, for an international
    teaching launch, Shostakovich told
    of the death-knell of another order
    and Bartok the birth of a new dialogue.(2)
    A whole world was being born in music
    and the arts, some aesthetic reflection
    of a spiritual shift that was taking this world
    by storm, with a vibrancy and a true liberty.

    Ron Price
    14 October 1996

    1 The Baha’i Administrative Order took its first shape in the years 1921 to 1936. The consolidation, the fine-tuning, of this initial form has been taking place in the remaining decades of this century.
    2 These composers wrote symphonies that expressed the death of the communist regime and the birth of new kinds of worlds.

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