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Thread: Fanfare introductions for Hark The Herald and O Come All Ye Faithful

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    Fanfare introductions for Hark The Herald and O Come All Ye Faithful

    Hi guys

    Are there such things as I want to spice up Midnight mass a bit this year.

    Nicht Bach sondern Meer

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    There are a few books/sheets of music for this purpose.. check your local music store or go online looking for intro's for hymns/ arrangements etc. It is not that hard to improv or write one for such an occasion either... They do add to the Grandeur of the Service... as an example you can go to the Washington National Cathedral web site and to the archive of services( they video taped) and listen to that service or related services and hear what the organist does for a concept. might even try Youtube too.
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    Improvise one!!
    That's what I always do anyway - it can be fun to do, especially depending on what sort of mood you're in.
    Mini-canons on the first few notes of the tune with some trumpet stops can be quite effective, other times, various extemporising on the harmonies. Sometimes, an appropriate sustained chord on the mauals and the chorale tune hammered out on the feet. There are many possibilities.
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    I 2nd Mat's suggestion above ... I'll improvise something on the spot - the results are always amazing to me and those listening.

    Another alternative to holding sustained chords on the manuals is to anchor a low pedal note and hang onto it and play the chorale in the manuals.

    You can also incorporate trills high up in the manual for added flare. Like on the hymn, O Come All Ye Faithful, for the refrain, I plant the low D in the pedal, trill between D and E high up on the manual, and play the block chords with the left hand ... stunning effect.

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