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Thread: The Church Musician

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    The Church Musician

    This made me smile... Soooooo true!

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    I feel like this so often, everyone wants to have it their way and don't understand you don't just jump up and play or do what you want...

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    I liked that, I don't play the organ but I can imagine how frustrating it is when people don't realise what the organist does. Thinking that they can do requests, especially of inappropriate music.


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    I think every organist has experienced this same scenario at least once during their careers. I have, myself, had to endure similar conversations about 10 times so far.

    I have the routine down pat now.

    All too often, for church weddings, the requests seem to come out of the woodwork for the organist to play. Even more strange are the requests that are asked to be played at funerals.

    For a recent funeral, the requested music was "Pavan for a Dead Princess" by Maurice Ravel, and they insisted it be played on the organ. Needless to say, that Ravel piece was written for the piano ... I was able to transcribe it for organ and it was well received and appreciated.

    But it's true ... people think all the sound comes from the keyboards ... they are in awe when I take them to the pipes and physically pull one from the chest and blow into it creating the sound. "This is the engine" I say ... the console is like the steering wheel in a car ... then ... click ... they finally get it.
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    "Ain't it the truth" many of these scenarios do rang a Bell or two..LOL
    ....To play only what is written is the domain of science. To realize what is not written is the domain of art."
    - Jean Langlais

    I wish you the Best for each day, now and always.


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    It is always frustrating when the complexities of ones job are misunderstood. Its even worse when you have to deal with the thickos. Nice clip.


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