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Thread: Russian opera

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    Russian opera

    Well....I love Russian opera and many years ago, I'm following all this (Russian and Soviet) and I like it more and more... Since Glinka, the beginning...the mighty five, Shostakovich, Prokofiev...

    Do you like it?

    Which composer do you prefer?

    Tchaikovsky? He's great. He composed 10 beautiful operas.

    See you.


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    Hi Martin,

    I don't know of any Russian opera that I don't like. Chaikovksky's "Mazeppa" is a staple for me for instance...

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    Hi Corno Dolce...I think I know so many Russian operas that I can mention maybe some operas I like less...Dargomizhsky's Stone guest is not bad but...not wonderful either...

    Take a look of my operas.....

    the adress is in white...this is weird....Now I prefer to buy on DVD when I can...I love following the story while listening....After all, opera is theatre....



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