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Thread: Sampled vs Synthesized, I'm sold

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    Sampled vs Synthesized, I'm sold

    Did an experiment yesterday. Cakewalk is offering is sample player SFZ+ for free download for the holidays. (go get it off their holiday sale page - its FREE).

    I downloaded and installed it. Just for kicks, I took a single wave file from the ottel organ set. a middle C. I imported it into the sample player.

    Now, I've been a long devotee of synthesizers and the option of synthesizing pipe organ stops. But even a single wave file loaded into SFZ+ and allowing it to pitch shift all the notes on the keyboard, still sounds better than the best synthesized stops I have created or heard.

    I am convinced and won over. Sampling organs is the only and best way to go. And while of course having a separate sample file for each note (pipe) produces the best results, even a single sample file spread across the keyboard produces a pretty darn good result.

    I am "converted".

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    Hi Spotty,

    Thanks for the post! I agree that sampled pipe organs nearly always sound better than synthesised ones. I think it has to do with the correct attack/chiff followed by the sustained tone that has all the harmonics AND the background noise of a pipe in the correct ratio.

    Hybrid samples (sampled attacks with synthesized sustain sections) are also very realistic.

    Have fun!

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    Hi Spotty

    Agree with Graham on that.

    But sfz+100pro is now free for months..... and a very good one, better than original sfz but , despite it's name , it cannot import sfz format files !!!
    Anyway is a must have and after your post (Thanks !) more people will go and get it now

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