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Thread: Superman Lover!!!!

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    Superman Lover!!!!

    Camille is a budding artist who wants to try her luck in the music industry. Music producer Mase discovered her musical prowess and believed in her capability to become a star.

    Born Megan “CaMille” Vieira, the precocious young girl began to flex her vocal prowess as soon as she could speak. CaMille spent most of her childhood in Georgetown, Guyana, honing her R&B/Pop sound by performing regularly at multiple public venues. Even at the tender age of 13, she showed the depth of her talent as the youngest competitor and finalist in the Guyana-based radio show, In Search of the Stars. She also lent her voice to an album of Christmas classics recorded to benefit underserved communities in her native country. She came to the United States in 2005, at the age of 17, with the goal of taking her career to the next level. Recognizing her talent, the University of Miami's prestigious Performing Arts Institute awarded her a full scholarship. There, CaMille expanded her skills as a premiere vocalist and songwriter. It was not long after that CaMille met and is now currently working in the studio to complete her first album with Producer and Mentor, MASE, CEO of DMS ENTERTAINMENT <>. Her new single, SUPERMAN LOVER featuring Casely, is sure to be a club favorite with its catchy hook and throbbing base line.

    Camille’s music does not end there. Her other albums are due to be released soon. She will surely steal the hearts of millions of R&B lovers there! Watch out for the release of her 2nd R&B album soon!!!

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    This was such a nice story, thinking about Camille in Guyana,
    a country I even used to have stamps from in my stamp collection.
    Even though I'm not sure you can call any Guyanese singing r'n'b,
    me thinking Afrobeat for starters.
    Even Sade, one of my favorite African artists, is more jazzy.

    Too bad Camille felt she had to come to The disUnited States to further her career.
    We know how that's going to go.

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    Pretty girl. Nice voice. Definitely not R&B as far as I am concerned. Good luck with it.


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