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    A new entity named SHELOB (Metal/Sludge/Progressive) with former members of Hollow Corp ( Prosthetic
    Records ) and SKULL was born during year 2010. We're actually mixing
    the album and the mastering session will be done by Alan Douches at
    West West Side Studio ( Mastodon, Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan
    etc ) mid February. The whole album is produced by the band . We're
    actually looking for a label to work with.

    Enjoy the visit!

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    shelob! I'm seeing what you're typing about sludge, metal, skull and prosthetic.
    I think your band needs to dig up a frozen mastodon in Siberian somewhere and use it for publicity.
    Make some neck nuts and inlays out of tusk, use the hair for wigs, hell, build a whole tusk stringed instrument,
    a brewtal prop for onstage, and start your own bar-b-q music festival.

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    Hello Maggle! Hello John!
    We have posted 3 songs taken from our forthcoming album! Music and lyrics are inspired by The Book Of The Law, written by Aleister Crowley in 1909! We hope you'll enjoy them! :-)
    The next step for us is to find a label!
    More news maybe soon....

    Best regards!



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