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Thread: Chord name

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    Chord name

    Hi guys

    Can you tell me what the name of this chord is as im poor at this kind of stuff -

    E, F sharp, B flat and C sharp - is it F sharp major with a minor seventh?

    thanks guys!
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    Well as it sounds, yes it's the same as F#7 (a.k.a: F# dominant 7) which typically (traditionally) would resolve to a B major chord.

    And here we go with enharmonics again: A proper diatonic F#7 would be spelled with an A-sharp, not B-flat. In the order you've written it here - ie, with the E at the bottom, it's an F#7 3rd inversion chord because the 7th is in the bass.

    If you wanted the name of it with the actual note names you've given (ie, B-flat instead of A-sharp) then it's something convoluted and ridiculous like "E 6 9 flat-5 no 3rd" (!!!) which strangely enough sounds exactly like an F#7 3rd inversion
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    Yes, I agree with Soubasse - F#7, 3rd inversion.

    Used to love picking out the chord inversions in aural tests ... sad, I know!!!
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    Thanks all

    What would the first and second inversions be?
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    It goes like this:

    F# A# C# E (no inv.)

    A# C# E F# (1st inv.)

    C# E F# A# (2nd inv.)

    E F# A# C# (3rd inv.)

    There's also an article in Wikipedia that might be of help to you.
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