If you were as impressed as we were by Hailee Steinfeld’s excellent (and Oscar-nominated) performance in True Grit, you’ll no doubt be happy to hear that Grit studio Paramount feels the same way, and is looking to stay in business with the 14-year-old actress. The company has just bought the rights to Cat Patrick’s forthcoming novel Forgotten to develop as a likely film for her to star in.

Patrick’s novel follows a teenager named London Lane, whose memory is strangely wiped at 4:33am every day. She wakes each morning unaware of events that happened in the past, but with near-perfect recall of events in her future. Despite this seemingly crippling condition, she uses Memento-style reminder notes and the help of a trusted friend to live as normal life as possible, and attends school every day. But when she meets a new boy, she becomes worried and angry when he vanishes from her future visions.

The book will arrive on the shelves in June and the film version will be produced by Josh Schwartz and his Fake Empire company, which has a deal with Paramount. There’s no writer or director attached yet, so this one will be a ways off from release, assuming it makes it through development.