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Thread: Recording audio streams

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    Recording audio streams

    I've been playing about trying to record audio from on line radio etc using Audacity; seem to have a problem with the on board sound (SigmaTel Audio, not a separate sound card) which does not seem to have an option to record direct from it, looks as though I may have to use a loop cable from Line out to Line in sockets which could be a pain in the butt.

    I already use the line out to feed sound to a Technics amp driving KEF speakers.

    Has anybody had experience of this sort of set up? If so what can you recommend?
    Cheers MIKE.

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    What O.S. are you running on your computer Mike?

    The only one I've had causing problem's with Audacity's "What you Hear" setting is Vista (along with all the other problems with Vista!). Failing that, then yes, a "short circuit" between out and in is one solution which is what I had to do in the early days. My laptop still has Vista and I have to run a signal out from it and into my H4 recorder. After that, it's out with the SD card and into the laptop's reader - thankfully, scarcely any difference between that and recording direct from Audacity.

    If your Technics amp has a signal out (like a pre-amp out for an EQ or a tape out) then you should be able to feed that back into your computer.
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