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Thread: 6th Annual Lexington KY AGO Bach Marathon

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    6th Annual Lexington KY AGO Bach Marathon

    A video of my performance at Lexington's celebration of Bach's birthday. This is the sixth year we have held this 12-hour music exhibition, and the AGO is coming close to having played the entire organ works as a group. This year the theme for the AGO part was the miscellaneous chorales, Schubler chorales, and the partitas/canonic variations. I have a recording of BWV 770, but I have to pick up the CD first. Meanwhile, I played the St. Anne fugue during the evening as part of the elementary/high school students feature. As I start college in the fall, this was my last time in this part so I had to go out with a bang! I think it's pretty good except for the botched chord in the middle of the third fugue. Anyway, enjoy one of the most masterful pieces ever written by the one and only JS Bach:

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    Hey Mark, gooood !

    Thanks , I enjoyed a lot. Still way to go, but thank God there is this way ahead....

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    Bet it was a fun day.. left comments on your youtube page..Take care
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    I wish you the Best for each day, now and always.


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    Most enjoyable, busy bee
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    Wonderful performance Mark.

    This is one of my most favorite composition of JS Bach. Always a crowd pleaser and fun to play, too. Nice instrument, too.
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    Bach - can't stand his music myself and certainly never put any thought into publishing that rubbish (I jest).

    All humour aside, this is a nice performance, I really enjoyed it. I'm totally with Lars on being his favourite, it's high on my most beloved Bach list, too.
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    Mark, nice job indeed! Thanks for sharing your talent with us.
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    Thanks for sharing!

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