What do you think of the RIO soundtrack?
This is a compilation of some of the tracks:



I watched the movie yesterday and I have to say the music was superb (it was in German, tough, so it didn't always rhyme that well, but now that I know the originals, they are even better). It's one of the basic pillows the movie stands on and it's done extremely well.

One thing I notice is that it is the first movie I saw since the Disney flicks that emphasizes so much on music that there are scenes that are basically songs. And in RIO all you can do is to begin moving with the beat (even in cinema!), a shame that you have to watch and can't jump up and start dancing.

Nigels song


was also good (great allusion to todays rapper/hopper culture), but not as catchy as "Be prepared" from The Lion King.

What do you think?