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    Directed by Stephen Woolley
    Written by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade
    With Leo Gregory, Paddy Considine, Monet Mazur
    Country UK
    Year of Production 2005
    Running Time 102 minutes


    Ever since Rolling Stone Brian Jones was found drowned in his own swimming pool on July 3 1969, his death has been the subject of rumour and fantasy, from being dismissed as yet another drugged out rock 'n' roll tragedy, to allegations of murder, deathbed confessions and cover-up. Based on Terry Rawlings' infamous book Who Killed Christopher Robin? renowned producer Stephen Woolley makes his directorial debut with a project he has wanted to bring to the screen for a long time. Stylishly filmed, with classy and deliberate references to both Stones iconography and Nic Roeg and Donald Cammell's masterpiece Performance, the film presents Jones (Leo Gregory) holed up with girlfriend Anna Wohlin (Tuva Novotny) in his Hertfordshire home, surrounded by lackeys and builders employed by Stones road manager Tom Keylock (David Morrissey). Frank Thorogood (Paddy Considine) is instructed by Keylock to keep an eye on Jones. He becomes fascinated with his charge, as the pop star dandy begins to open up to his working class minder, telling of his indulgences, his love for Anita Pallenberg (Monet Mazur) and the band he formed. Whether the film presents the truth or not is up for debate, but it is certainly a committed and entertaining take on one of rock's great mysteries.

    Official Site: STONED

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    Okay, sounds interesting

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