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Thread: Greetings from Sweden

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    Greetings from Sweden

    Hello all,

    Finally I have managed to get my thumb out and registered on the board. I have been reading now and then over the years and got some really good ideas from the posts here.

    I installed MyOrgan, some 2-3 years back and have enjoyed that quite a lot since then. I then reused an old electronic organ, actually reused only the wooden parts and installed three midi keyboards, MyOrgan and a Win-based computer ans some amps and speakers and got amazed over the performance and the features.
    I have added some bits and pieces over the time and have improved it a little along the line. As part of that work I also went to Grand Orgue when it was launched and noticed that some annoying bugs was lost. I am now building the third generation VPO here and have gone into Linux instead which opens even more opportunities.

    I am into this together with my son, the actual player, so my part is mostly building (and sponsoring, )and fixing the computer stuff since I have been into all kind of computers since mid seventies, and a keen Linux user since way back.

    We live some 50 km south of Stockholm, the Capital of Sweden, more or less on the countryside, despite being close to the city.

    That was our short story,

    Greetings to you all..
    .. and my special thanx to all people that has contributed to the GO project, shared experiences and offered help on this board and I also like to mention Lars who provided the fantastic samplesets for free.


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    Hello Christer

    Welcome to the forum, this is a good place to come and get ideas.

    Thank you for your story.


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    Welcome aboard, Christer

    We're happy that you decided to join our ranks. Indeed, lots of knowledgeable people here who share your same interests.
    Kh ~~.

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    Hi and welcome, you'll enjoy this place, many do.

    Det har en dansk begyndelse og en international hjerte.
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    Hi Christer,

    Glad you could join us. Your project seems quite impressive. I, too, have been messing around with VPOs, though I only have one keyborad. I'm hoping to add a pedalboard one day. I've seen some really decent DIY ones on the net.

    Anyway, good luck, have fun around the forums and also, it'd be nice to see a few pics of your set up.
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    Hallo Christer and welcome to the forum. Glad you could joimn us


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    Hej Christer,

    Bodde paa Narvavaegen innan - Trevligt att bekantas med er.


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    Enjoy your showering of honor:

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