Aperco is an Israeli classic rock band, incorporating prog elements with a deep foundation of atmospheric space rock. Aperco is striving to mix in their music elements of light and dark, influenced by the legendery bands of the 70's, with a glimpse of modern taste to it. Aperco started as a side project of the two cousins Tom and Tal Maizel in 2005. Shortly after, they began to realise they had something special in the making. When Yuval Van Der Raz and Yakir Fitousi joined them in 2010, Aperco was officially born.




Aperco is currently working on their debut album which is a concept album called "Between space and time". It tells the story of a man experiencing the brutal cycle of life. Our hero is dealing with a wide range of emotions that are expressed through the songs. He is living his life in a focused state of mind, filled with confidence and solidarity. Although things seem mundane and casual, making o...ut his day to be just another regular day to live. That is when voices inside his head start calling him to strive for more. Should he, for the first time in his life, make his own decisions and shape his own reality? How far will he go to achieve this cause? Will he remember the loved ones that support him? Or will he crush those which oppose him? Reaching the point of no return seems satisfying. Finally, he is making his own rules. The hero is wandering through fields of euphoria, but life always strives for balance, and our hero finds himself a bit confused. Was it the right thing to do? He's in an emotional storm, bewilderment surrounds him, leading to a great agony. He is feeling bereft, as he is falling into the deepest abyss, sorrow and regret start to fiil his mind. But once again, as life always tends to balance itself, time seems to be the biggest redemption. Our hero surfs through time and space eventually bringing himself into a peaceful state of mind, a true awakening and acceptance of he's deeds. To be continued...