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Thread: 12 Free World Lounge Chillout Tracks

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    12 Free World Lounge Chillout Tracks

    Here’s an entire albums worth of GOOD free World Lounge Chillout Tracks for you from Gongchime. If you liked Putumayo’s Sahara Lounge or Asian Groove You’re going to love these.
    Love ya. Muah…

    Monsoon Remix: Female Vox and Thai Piphat Ensemble World Electronica. Free Download.

    River of Bhangra: India Female Vox and Indonesian gamelan with a funky hip hop beat. Free Download.

    Sleepwalkers: Bowed Psaltery Female Vocals (World Lounge/Chillout Free Download)

    Kabir: Male Vocals Indian Violin (World Lounge/Chillout Free Download)

    Air: Oud and Ney Flute (World Lounge/Chillout Free Download)

    Wanderer: Bowed Rebab and Indian Santoor (Free Download)

    Sitar Loka: World Groove(Free Download)

    Cutting Diamonds Mix2 Japanese Koto and Shakuhachi Flute (Free Download)

    Go: Sitar,Gongs, Drums, Gtr World Lounge (Free Download)

    Andromeda: Male Vox World Lounge (Free Download)

    Ion: (World Lounge Free Download)

    Global Village: (World Lounge/Chillout Free Download)

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    Thanks for all the links. I always enjoy hearing music ftom different parts of the world


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    Very good chilling tunes. Thanks for links.

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    Very different. Liked the violin.

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