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Thread: Me singing

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    Me singing

    Hello Everyone ( I don't know where to post this?, please tell me if i'm not allowed to post it here.)

    My name is Anna and i'm 18 years old ( Netherlands ). I love listening to classical/musical songs and that's why I started singing some of the songs I love. I never had any singing lessons so please don't expect me to be very good.

    Here is a link of me singing :

    If you have enough time then please let me know what you think. I have more singing videos on my channel.

    With much love from Anna

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    Anna For no formal training I would say you are doing quite well. I hear a few simpler things that can be corrected/improved with out alot of difficulity.. If there is any chance you can find a vocal coach I believe you can do something with your music. Two things come to mind....1. Improve your diaphram support/breathing.....2. Keep your mouth and throad open so the sound can come out...... I can not tell from this video if you are breathing from your diaphram or not I do not see your shoulders move much so maybe you are breathing from there... but with many notes I do not hear the support....breathe like a baby does.. pull the air down.toward the belly button and fill your lungs by expanding the lower chest.. practice this slowely at first after a while you can take a gasp of air and fill your lungs fully automatically. A way to strengthen the diaphram to take a deep breath ...put your teeth together and exhale strongly ( like hiss sound with pressure) against your teeth..relaease the air slowly and with steady pressure ( until you tuen blue..LOL... You may be light headed at first when you do this exercise. also can lay on the floor...lay a few books ( heavy ones) on your center stomach area ( belly button usually ) practice inhale and exhale breathing puishing against the books keeping them level...this strengthen the diaphram muscle....... Practice singing with 2 fingers in your mouth ( this forces your mouth to stay open as well as the throat) with out biting your fingers. can go to 3 too... This will help with getting the sound out and projection........... need to cover some high notes alittle..... keep mouth open and throat.. think of the note as being at the bottom of a mountain and you are looking down at it and sing to it ( not looking up at it ).. makes a physchological difference.. always keep your neck muscles relaxed,,,,, somtimes sing while rotating to your neck helps this out. THere are many tricks to the trade and vocal coach knows them and how to applythem: as not all work for every singer. I wish you good luck and hope these tips might help you some. Take care
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    I wish you the Best for each day, now and always.


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    Hello buffy and welcome to the forum. I agree with Bill that there is a lot of potential in your voice. It will not harm your future that you are a pretty girl as well. Good luck


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