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Thread: Does anybody know how to do that ?

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    Post Does anybody know how to do that ?

    I would like to learn how to do a special kind of sound effect, it's hard to explain what I'm looking for so I'm gonna put examples here :
    First example : the helicopter/wobbling sound in the back, some kind of cutoff percussion or bass I don't know
    Another example here : same kind of sound, sort of ambience percussion in the back.
    Last example here : the same sound effect but this time on violins i guess
    It's called Drones or Auras or something like that, I think...
    So does anyone know how to do that kind of sounds ?

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    I am pretty sure that the sound you are referring to is simply a delay effect on any sound, so you could do it with almost anything. It is most often used with a guitar, or a digital instrument. I'm pretty sure that most DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) like Mixcraft, Logic, or Cakewalk can do that with most sounds. Also, please look at my own thread, I also need help with identifying a certain sound.
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    The Roland Juno synthesizer, a low budget but sound inducing product, was very influential for bands onstage. The typical names for effects were there, but they worked deeper and could be combined to produce wider sounds, with more continuity. You could get a vibrato, chorus or stereo panning to make a pulsing sound, possibly the beginning of your helicopter thing, and use a flanger or another effect to give it a rising and falling quality, and then make it take off and disappear into the top of your headphone head. I say headphone head, because I always had to play with it with headphones on so I wouldn't interfere with the business around me, one of the few synthesizers I liked to get my hands on to play with.

    I haven't seen one for over twenty years.

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