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Thread: Classical music at the start of the film Empire State Building Murders?

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    Classical music at the start of the film Empire State Building Murders?

    At the start of the film Empire State Building Murders or Meurtres à 'Empire State Building in French, there is a piece of classical music played and it's a really well known piece, however I don't know the name of it, could someone please help me out? Thanks.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum. If you could post a link I might be able to help, but I an not familiar with the film


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    I haven't seen this movie, nor is there an available 'trailer' for it. It is listed on IMDB which shows that Carolin Petit did the original music for this film. You could try contacting Carolin Petit for more information.

    As Teddy stated, it would greatly help if you had a sound clip to upload here on the forum.

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