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Thread: Daniel Roth Widor

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    Daniel Roth Widor

    Hi everyone

    I was just wondering if there was any way of finding Daniel Roth's recording of Widor's toccata? I have looked everywhere but just cannot seem to find it - which is a shame because he is such a talented organist and this is a recording on the very same instrument that Widor wrote it on.
    Thanks alot.

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    There is a youtube video of this piece on the organ he has played for some 25 years( St. Sulpice). Is a student(/) playing it but he is standing by in the video.I listened to it yesterday.
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    One has to wonder what goes through Roth's mind (in French, of course!!) when someone else is playing that hallowed instrument. To most of us, it would take some getting used to, while after all those years everything is second nature for him.

    Can you imagine getting to a point where you want to press a piston -- AND THERE AREN'T ANY!! I understand it does have a way to make one change, but that's it. One per manual.

    BTW, I think Roth does speak some English -- I've heard that on U-Tube tapes.

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    It sure as hell ain't MY "lucky" country :(
    Roth speaks and converses extremely well in English. As for others playing the S. Sulpice instrument, he is most gracious about it in allowing others to do so and did not come across as the least bit "precious" about it (as others do), and happily, I speak from experience there - an unforgettable experience at that. It's a surprisingly easy instrument to sit at because once you play it and hear it responding to what you do, everything just seem so right and in it's place.

    I'd also love to find those Daniel Roth Widor recordings - they do seem to be a little elusive. What little I have heard of them, does of course, make a lot of sense (given that's where Widor wrote most of them!)
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    Matt - when I think about precious organists I'm VERY much reminded of the one at CCSL ... you know him, I'm sure.

    This thread has definitely reminded me to buy some more Daniel Roth on iTunes ...
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