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Thread: Bellows???

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    Hi all!

    Long time since my last post...

    I believe you can help me understand what is the function of the bellows. I found out here:

    As I read, the bellows is used to mantain the air pressure. Isn't that the function of the reservoir?

    Aparently, they have diferent functions because in here:, the organ builder built a reservoir and a regulator (wich he also calls bellows:

    Can you help me please?


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    Hi Lombardo,

    Bellows are usually making a reference to the manner in which air is supplies to a pipe organ ... there are many organs that require an assistant to work the bellows while the organist is seated at the console, one I have seen and heard is at Frederiksborg Castle, in Denmark. There are others, of course.

    Reservoir and Regulator are almost synonymous to my way of thinking as both serve the same function, that of holding/regulating air pressure. Of course a pipe organ have many "regulators" ... a large theater organ (IV/79 Wurlitzer) in my state has no less than 10 of these, along of course with several tremulant boxes.


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    I would say the purpose depends a lot on the context:





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    Oh I do like your monatge of bellows, matsoljare, very fine!! I didn't realise the Swedes had such a propencity for devious, mild-humour ...
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