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Thread: Ultraviolet Daydream (the best YES-influenced newcomer for years)

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    Ultraviolet Daydream (the best YES-influenced newcomer for years)

    ULTRAVIOLET DAYDREAM appeared seemingly from nowhere. But their first CD ‘Redshift’ holds almost 57 minutes of sheer brilliance that sounds accessible, warm and purposeful - to listen to straight through, without even noticing the time goes by. Flawless execution, crystal clear production, superb songwriting. It's a mixture of mid-length epics interspersed between atmospheric transition tracks (great on their own) - an album that’s an essential! Such music is like a gulp of water for the parched wayfarer. There’s something special in here for YES lovers to enjoy. Mainly because of characterizing high pitch voice. The singing of Dutch Noss has the wonderful range, emulating Jon Anderson and Trevor Horn, but often comes off similar to Benoit David. These overtones together with harmonic work are definite plus points for band’s formula. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the bassist Jaymi Millard got inspired by Chris Squire. Check out the extended guitar patterns from Lee Warren who combines Steve Howe fashion with array of Wakeman-ish keys (Mark Mingrone). The drumming of Jeff Brown is never reigning, but really accurate.

    UVD made the grandeur full of melody and elegancy. This remarkable debut is in that category of “if you’re a die-hard YES fan and can buy only one album this year”. Let’s thank Ultraviolet Daydream for picking up some pieces to create an inventive and original work of art that carries on the legacy of magic.

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    As I said, ‘Redshift’ is an album that's very pleasant to listen to, with tons of 'classic progressive’ moments. Definitely YES-ish in nature but with some Genesis thrown in. The musicianship and vocals are excellent, the atmosphere is fantastic. There is a wide degree of diversity in all tracks, keeping things fresh and bright from start to finish. There's the perfection of balancing in mood, melody, passion and adventure. The things considered UVD have done an amazing job. These guys have a potential to attract much more attention and become stand-out act for big success.

    The month of October may be a trifle premature to pick up my album of the year, but Ultraviolet Daydream is likely to be there or thereabouts come the day of reckoning.

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    Ultraviolet Daydream is an alluring title for me, the panapoly of visual range around us.
    That's something I'm seeing for the first time, from time to time, plants that are glowing.
    Getting into all night bike-hikes around the Niagara Peninsula has shown me some rare natural beauty,
    but it's the light ranges and colours we humans can't see that can be an ultraviolet daydream.
    I'd invest quickly in this band, looking at the drummer's photo and thinking he knows Dokken is looking.

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    Here's a new link to Background article.

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    ProGGnosis review.

    Druid, Starcastle, Iluvator, Glass Hammer or Mars Hollow come close to this band. This is a must to all prog-fans who like the contemporary YES style.

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