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Thread: Timesailor (progressive metal band from Turkey)

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    Timesailor (progressive metal band from Turkey)

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    Timesailor is a progressive rock-metal band from Turkey. They've just released their first song "The Voice Within" from the upcoming album "Once Upon a Time".

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    The band just released their second song from the upcoming album:

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    Hello wanderlust and welcome to the forum. Thanks for the clips. Most interesting


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    obrigado continua o excelente trabalho

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    The album ''Once Upon a Time'' is out now. Other than the songs ‘’Flow’’ and ‘’The Voice Within’’, the album includes the concept work named ‘’Dreamwalker’’ which can be defined as a progressive rock opera. "Dreamwalker" will take you away to a world of dreams and time travelling. The album is now available at iTunes and Amazon.


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    Timesailor! Good evening! This man of Scottish Highland descent is more than happy,
    seeing you here for a few days, but not listening or commenting before.
    Today is better. I'm wearing a new shirt I really like, made in Turkey.
    I hope one of your musical goals is to promote a deeper global understanding about Turkey,
    one of the most influential peoples of all time.
    My Holy Bible says The Star of Bethlehem was a sign for Persian Priests,
    and they did brave hostile Roman territory to make their presence known.
    That's just not "Once Upon a Time", when that star still gets raised every year.

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