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Thread: Zombies Unlimited makes cool soundtracks

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    Zombies Unlimited makes cool soundtracks

    Im a fan of John Carpenter and Ive noticed a few horror soundtracks around New York City done by someone called Zombies Unlimited, I dont know if its a band or a person or DJ or whatever but they make some great old school horror music, low synth etc.

    They have streaming music you can listen to at

    Think the movies I saw (from horror festivals so they probably havent been released yet?) were Demented and Night of the Living Heads, and something called MOLD. Its dark techno/trance or something.

    Anyone else ever heard of them?

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    Hello and welcome to the forum. You will find lots of old horrors here

    I used to love the old Deacula films with Peter Cushing (he lived not far from here)


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