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Thread: Three pieces by Nicholas Choveaux...Excellent !

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    Three pieces by Nicholas Choveaux...Excellent !

    Three Pieces | Nicholas Choveaux
    - No. 1. Marche
    - No. 2. Meditation
    - No. 3. Introduction and Toccata

    Arjan van Hees in de Eben -- Haëzerkerk, Apeldoorn
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    Crickey! I bought my copy of these about 40 years ago so I'm glad someone else likes them. They are still easily, and inexpensively, available too;

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    Thumbs up

    Bill !

    My friend thanks for this, I never heard of Nicholas Choveaux, beautiful music he wrote (Meditation is just super, though close to Frank and Alain or maybe Reubke) and Arjen plays sooo good. He lets the work speak. Is exactly that I was talkin' with Lars about the performer to understand the inner meaning of the piece first.

    Thanks also because on the right I found more.... ;-)
    This video downloaded imediately !


    PS. PLEASE keep posting similar !!!
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    Thank you Bill. Most enjoyable


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    Another great discovery of an unknown composer and so well played by Arjan. Thanks again. Your posts are most appreciated.
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