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Thread: Kuwait by night (pipe organ music)

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    Kuwait by night (pipe organ music)

    I have tryed something strange :a pipe organ music for arab listeners.
    I do not think this music will be wellcome in a cathedral, who knows ?


    Don't play it too often, you risk to wear out prematurely the D pedal.
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    Very interesting piece. I always liked the mid-eastern tonality/ scale use. Make a nice concert piece I think for something different. I can see the caravan coming across the desert in tme moonlight..
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    Oh it will always be welcomed in the Cathedral of someone's mind........Worry not Br. Musicalis, for thou dost hold the keys to communicating across cultures with music.
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    Thank you Jean Paul. An intriguing piece. Certainly shows the versatility of the pipe organ


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    Quote Originally Posted by musicalis View Post
    I do not think this music will be wellcome in a cathedral, who knows ?
    Why? There are still native christians in these countries

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    Very lovely Jean-Paul. Evokes the peace ans solitude I imagine when I read of the Empty Quarter. Your talent constantly amazes me.
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