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Thread: Charmaine Clamor

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    Charmaine Clamor

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    I love the music of Charmaine Clamor which is called "Jazzipino", fusion of Jazz and Filipino music. It's sounds simply soothing and classy. The first time I appreciate the ukulele instrument was when I watched her music video. Check out her bibliography.
    Yay! I get free track of her music here.
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    Minamahal (I Am Loving You)

    by: Charmaine Clamor

    Minamahal, minamahal kita (I am loving you)
    Pagsinta ay 'di mag-iiba (my feelings will not change)
    Hindi mo ba nadarama sinta (Can?t you feel it my darling?)
    Bawa't kilos ko'y pangarap ka (My every action hopes for you)
    Minamahal, minamahal kita (I am loving you)
    At nasa iyo ang tanging pag-asa (in you lies my only hope)
    Asahan mong dalangin ko, tuwina (Know that it is always in my prayers)
    Minamahal, minamahal kita (I am loving, loving you)

    Lahat ng Araw ( Charmaine Clamor)

    Sa bawat sandali tayo ay magkapiling (Every single moment that we're together)
    Sa bawat lunggati pakinggan ang hiling (Every single hope is to hear my desire)
    Ang puso ko't budhi ay hindi sinungaling (My heart and soul are telling the truth)
    Sana ay ulinigin damdamin ko, giliw-- (Please hear my feelings for you my dear)
    Asahan, pangarap nitong buhay (Count on it, my life's dream)
    Lahat ng araw kita'y mamahalin (Is to love you all of my days)
    Iwasan ang iyong alinlangan
    ¨Lahat ng araw kita'y mamahalin. (Remove all your doubts; I will love you all of my days)
    Sa labi ng imbing kamatayan
    ¨Itangi yaring pagmamahal (Even on the brink of death my love for you will prevail)
    *Tulutang magtapat sa 'yo hirang
    ¨Lahat ng araw kita'y mamahalin. (Allow me to express my sentiment: I will love you all of my days)

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    Hello jazzlover and welcome to the forum. The music you posted remind me of some of the music I have from Cuba. Very enjoyable. Hope you will join in on the jazz forum


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    Thanks Teddy! I hope you can also share the music you have from Cuba. I'm sure it's also very nice to hear. I love listening the finest jazz music from different countries.

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