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Thread: how to play organ impeccably

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    how to play organ impeccably

    hello, i already play organ in my school. but all my life i have learnt to play organ on my own. and so though i play something, i am not perfect. i have some theory about music and playing of organ. what i need most is proper fingering when playing a hymn for instance. thanks

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    To play the organ impeccably is the hardest job you'll ever Love - They say the Horn and the Oboe are the most difficult - Bosh!!! You must work and never. never, NEVER give up - It is BLOOD, SWEAT, and TEARS. Anyone can play it - BUT, impeccably professional organists practice until they can't get it wrong. Please see here an Impeccable Organist:

    Btw, welcome board to a most supergreat site with superfab members all - Don't be shy - There is so much to read and take part in - You'll most likely find those who share similar interests with you.
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    Hello Takyia and welcome to the forum. There are many talented musicians here that you could learn from


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    Hi Takyia

    Welcome to our forum. Moving this discussion into the Pipe Organ Forum, as it will achieve more visibility and response from our members.

    There are several "method" books available that may be of help to you when it comes to fingering and pedaling. One is the John Stainer publication and the other is one authored by Harold Gleason - both are readily available, although the Gleason book is rather pricey - both are excellent books to have in your library.

    If you are even considering turning "pro" at the organ, you will need a teacher or tutor. I had private lessons for 12 years and another 2 in college ... I've never regretted that incredible learning experience, and that, as well as diligent practicing, has brought me to where I am today, a playing professional with over 50 years as a church organist/recitalist.

    The key is to practice ... then when you think you are done practicing, practice some more ... but ... in your practice sessions, always start and end that time at the organ with something very familiar that you can play well. That 'positive' reinforcement leaves you ending the practice session on a good 'note', and not one of frustration.

    A little phrase I came up with years ago applies to every organist, whether they be amateur or professional ... it's below my 'signature' at the end of this post.
    Kh ~~.

    Amateur musicians practice until they get it right ...
    fessional musicians practice until they can't get it wrong ...

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    Welcome Takyia! What part of the world are you living in?

    Came across the following clip.

    How many of us were playing the organ at the age of 7?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Takyia Joachim View Post
    hello, i already play organ in my school. but all my life i have learnt to play organ on my own. and so though i play something, i am not perfect. i have some theory about music and playing of organ. what i need most is proper fingering when playing a hymn for instance. thanks
    What does really mean "impeccably"? The best answer: let a machine read the sheet music... Kidding... For each good organist does read well all the notes but he is free to make many alterations of his own respecting duration, phrasing, accents, articulations, ornaments,etc. So, don worry and do the best and most heartily you can.

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    You have probably heard the one about a tourist asking a New York City resident how to get to Carnegie Hall. The answer: "Practice".

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