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Thread: My favorite organ CD collection.....

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    My favorite organ CD collection.....

    This came out long ago on LPs, and literally launched the Harmonia Mundi music label. It came out on CD in 1989....6 CDs of beautiful music on a variety of old European pipe organs, i especially love the reeds on the organs from Spain. To see what i am referring to go to....
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    I am unfamiliar with the set but recognize the composers names and some of the performers. It certainly seems to be a great bargain and at the prices shown you certainly could not go far wrong.
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    Like you I love the Spanish organs and their reeds.
    I have been given a few days ago the organ of Mostoles by Eppo Rynko Ottes, the organ builder. Of course he gave me only the virtual version of his organ, not the real instrument he built on 2004, but it is a very great pleasure to play with it. Do not be surprised if my next compositions will be recorded with this nice instrument you can find and listen on
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