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Thread: the big Willis III at Liverpool Cathedral being restored...

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    the big Willis III at Liverpool Cathedral being restored...

    Hi everybody.

    I'm just getting the word out that the Anglican Cathedral at Liverpool is restoring their Grand Organ and are still raising funds to continue the work.

    I just sent a contribution along with an Adopt a Pipe application. For those of you who are interested, or if you know someone who might be interested, here's a web page:

    Click "Adopt an organ pipe!" found in the right-hand column. This is pdf, so you'll be asked if you want to open it (bottom of screen). Application is printable.

    The address is included on the app, but I added 20 St. James Road for safe measure.

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    Simply fabulous! Thanx for relaying such good info........
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    Thank you for the news and the most informative website. I have several recordings of the Liverpool instrument and it is a good one and well worth restoring. Adopting a pipe would make a great christmas Gift to yourself and the World.
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    Sadly the link you provided didn't work for me, however I nagivated to the root directory and found the link. Love the template for making your own pipe from cardboard, did you lot see that? David xo
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    I did see the template. That's a pretty original idea. So you were able to find the application after all?

    I double-checked the link and I had no trouble getting to the app. One might have trouble if the hyphen between the words "the" and "organ" is left out, or putting .com instead of .org
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