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Thread: A fugue in bach's style

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    A fugue in bach's style

    Jean-Paul Verpeaux


    I have been asked by Eppo Rynko Ottes, an organ builder some pieces in Bach's style to be used as demos. This organ is in Mostoles (Spain). Built in 2004 it is now available for Hauptwerk 3 and 4 at Here is the fugue recorded whith the virtual version of this beautiful organ. No effets have been added, the sound is quite natural. This performance uses only some stops of the Organo Mayor (Great) and pedalboard. You can notice how the sound is great.

    The pdf score is free and can be download here :
    Friendly yours. Jean-Paul

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    The sound is great, as is the music, too.

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    The sky outside the window is grey and overcast but your Fugue has made it seem brighter. Fine music and beautiful sound. Thank you so much Jean-Paul and Merry Christmas.
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    Another fine piece for your library. If I did not know better I would swear I was listening to Bach. God has truely Blessed you. MERRY CHRISTMAS
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    Just gorgeous, Musicallis my friend. You seldom disappoint ...
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    Very nice, Musicalis. In the style of Bach, yes - but it also carries the unmistakable idiom of Musicalis. Not that I would regard that as any disadvantage. ;-)


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