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Thread: Best albums of 2011

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    Best albums of 2011

    It's been a great year for new prog-releases but choice for picking my personal Top 10 list of 2011 was quite obvious.

    1. Comedy Of Errors - Disobey
    2. Dynamo Bliss - 21st Century Junk
    3. Time Horizon - Living Water
    4. Ultraviolet Daydream - Redshift
    5. Millenium - Puzzles
    6. Franck Carducci - Oddity
    7. Fatal Fusion - Land Of The Sun
    8. Ben Craven - Great & Terrible Potions
    9. Dropshard - Anywhere But Home
    10. The Winter Tree -self titled.

    p.s. If Shadowlight have released 'Winter' as the full-length album I probably would put it in my top-list as well...

    I know that many of you folks can disagree with my choice. Simply because... opinions differ.

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    Prog Head! What can I say? It's not just a matter of my opinions differing,
    but a simple matter of my not knowing any of the artists or any songs or title on your list.
    I used to play King Crimson, The Flock, Yes, and considered myself a progressive rock artist,
    for my classical interests, if not my continuous experimenting with amps and effects.
    So it hurts to feel out of it here.

    I like the name Ultraviolet Daydream, that sounds so nice.
    Humans don't see all the light that exists on earth,
    and an ultraviolet daydream would allow that unseen life to exist, in a dream.
    Should I dream such dreams, and find the notes to express them.

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