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Thread: Help required to identify OST

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    sounds like a variation of EXODUS

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    Due to copywrite problems/fees etc and playing this type of music in a video I believe it is probably a stock composition for the film rather than a copywrited composition. Does have a Exodus feel to it or even an opera aria.
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    No clue whatsoever ... and the translation of the comments in Arabic did not reveal anything towards the title either.

    Without knowing anything about the origins of the music, what film it came from, or who produced the piece for airing, it is next to impossible to solve this query.
    Most film music is composed specifically for the production - usually a hired person or company who then creates the music from scratch. Though it may sound familiar, it probably isn't a published work.


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    My girlfriend Found it!
    it's an Israel Movie about a story from the bible - it's called "ZOHI SDOM" ("this is sodom")
    it's about the destruction of sodom
    <span style="text-decoration: underline;">

    and here is the full movie:

    thanks a lot everyone!

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