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Thread: Indian Classical fusion with Electronica

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    Cool Indian Classical fusion with Electronica

    Hello Friends,
    I play a Mohan Veena (a lap slide steel guitar) in Indian Classical music style.
    And been experimenting with some fusion of Electronica mainly Trance.

    Please check out some tunes on

    And, do visit the artist page on (LIKE it

    Hope this embedded youtube video works too, its called...
    "Jeet Zitar - Fractal Yatra"

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    This is so nice, typing my commentary while the video is playing and being heard.

    But I've got to come down on you, jeetzitar, if you are an Indian musician from India.
    You're being too literal with your use of the electronica term "trance". That's right.
    And as we all know, electronica events, called "raves" over here, are drug and drink induced.
    The real trance music, as known globally, are those Indian concerts that last for hours,
    musicians jamming for hours, developing deep musical expressions.

    I like your name, "Fractal Yatra", for what it means to this Niagara Peninsula boy.
    How about producing a song called "Fraggle Raga"? You inspired it, yours to use.

    Last summer, there was a veena player in California who was posting here.

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