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Thread: Yes it's that toccatta

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    Yes it's that toccatta

    You'll either love it or hate it, no half measure in this one, and yes that is John Wiilliams the classical guitarist giving it all he's got.

    Cheers MIKE.

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    I'm not into the drummer. He drowns out the music.

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    Interesting, Mike. Shows that great music can survive anything. I know that John Williams has played with Sky for many years. He is a great guitarist. I have a vinyl recording of him playing Bach with Peter Hurford on the organ. I have not heard it in some time and am a little too lazy to go look for it at this time. I do not recall what they play but is an enjoyable recording. I will have to dig it out of the archive.
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    Enjoyed the performance.. reminds a great deal of the music of the" East Village Opera Company "which puts modern music rhythms to the classics.
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