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Thread: Another recording by Dr Lee

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    Another recording by Dr Lee

    Enormous instrument - and I guess Dr Lee is not very tall!

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    Enjoyed it as well as others she has posted. Excellent organist as well as great installations she is playing. Thanks.. may buy that DVD too. be nice to have in library.
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    Thank you Nikam for that most enjoyable video. You can see from the console that it is a massive instrument. It is considered to be the largest organ in the world to be located in a religious building. Built in 1911 my M. P. Moller it has four manuals, 874 stops, 293 voices, 23 divisions and approximately 23,500 pipes and is controlled by electro-magnetic action. The estimated weight of the instrument is over 124 tons. The organ is played for more than 30 services each year. during its history there have been only four organists. The Association of Graduates sponsors a series of free public concerts each year. The Academy is located at West Point, New York. The Chapel services are open to the public and guided tours are offered.

    I will include a video of Dr. Lee playing the allegro from Reubke's Sonata on the 94th Psalm the Chapel organ.

    The Stop List of the Organ is here
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