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Thread: Best classical Musician

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    Best classical Musician

    Who is the best classical Musician in your mind or what is the top list of classical Musician in your mind?

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    It depends - For piano its Svyatoslav Richter. For organ its a three-way tie between Olivier Latry, Daniel Roth and Stephen Tharp.
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    In my view that is an impossible question, how do you compare a pianist to a violin player, or brass or woodwind. There are too many variables, and as many opinions as there are people; one may excel at playing concerto, another at sonatas or one at Baroque, another at Romantic. You may as well ask "how long is a piece of string"?
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    This is a tough one, there are so many that I like. I am not sure I could pick anyone out.


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    Wa.. It's difficult to choose one! But for now, maybe I like Chopin most. I want to explore classical musicians more

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    I see "the best classical musician" as being someone who is on the cutting edge of modern progress.
    That includes carrying all the classical traditions of every global cultural history.
    That's a difficult position to be in today, in between the traditional and the modern technology.
    The modern technology expects you to be able to produce music by simply turning it on, which is available,
    while the traditional expects you to be a symphony composer and player of all symphonic instruments.
    That's classical on demand, royalty-free, with improvisation expected to sound real.
    Who's doing that right now, with a modern media sensibility?

    That's who's got my vote as best classical musician.

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