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Thread: Rita Ora! Upcoming star or not?

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    Rita Ora! Upcoming star or not?

    Hey a few hours ago I found this newly released song. It's the first single (suposedly) from "Rita Ora". One comment said that she sounds like a mix of katy perry and jessy j. Whoever wrote that has a good ear if I could say. I think the lyrics are good for a pop song but the track and performance could be a can I say it. A little bit more energetic
    What do you think ?
    Youtube link -

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    Hello Akial and welcome to the forum. I am afraid your clip has been removed


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    Hey! Having "the clip removed" is still in the Katy Perry and Jessy J. realm of pop stardom.
    Having your original clip removed is like t.v. stations advertising something as adult content,
    or giving you violence and sexual content warnings for a program, trying to lure viewers.
    Saying the track could be a little more energetic?
    I'm not hot on young women musicians who come across as ladies of langour,
    an act that might come across in your room by yourself, but hard to relate with in a paid crowd.
    I type langour in a Victorian sense, the opium generation.
    Rita Ora does have a certain, uh, ring to it.
    If I got excited about her, using an exclamation mark rounds out her name. Rita Ora!

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